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For many of us, our very first experience of learning about the celestial bodies begins when we saw our first.

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If you are a serious astronomy fanatic like a lot of us are, you can probably remember that one event.

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Naipunnya A Profile

In the classical language, Sanskrit, Naipunnya means 'dexterity', 'expertise' or 'mastery'. Naipunnya as the name signifies, aims at professionalism, discipline and holistic development ofthe student. The institute is unique in its apporach towards professionalism whereby all get a platform to refine and mould their talents.

Naipunnya aims to become a dynamic center of excellence by moyivating the youth to attain their dreams with the support of innovative and quality trainning programs. We mould students into successful and vibrant professionals by providing them with a perefect launching pad of learning, creativity, discovery and leadership skills. The motto rings loud and clear "To reach the unreached".

Discipline, equity and fairness will be the basis of all our dcisions.
Diginty of the Individual
Respect diversity and facilitate members of our College to discover their multi-dimensional talents and grow to their full potential.
Freedom with Accountability
Freedom to sek the truth , of thought and expression while holding oureselves accountable for our ations conduct.
Listen to other view points and value and acknowledge them.
Pursuit of Excellence
Value superior performance and continue to strive towards achieving the unachievable.

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The Faculities over here are really talented, supportive, motivating and friendly. This college has its own way of updating students for their incredible growth. Placement here are good. The hostel life is upto its mark

Our college is the best place to develop your career. You can learn new things under design thinking and there are many platforms to showcase your talents.

The environment is peaceful. The faculties are very friendly. This the place where you can learn many things. This the place where you grow yourself as a person and as professional.